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Master Research Australasia (MRA) is a boutique consultancy specialising in location analysis, demand forecasting, transport planning and inventory management. From time to time we are involved in materials handling surveys of freight characteristics. We specialise in the use of gravity models to simulate supply chains and develop optimal network solutions. We also  work closely with statisticians and mathematicians to develop specific models for land use and transport planning.

The team at Master Research has had long experience in working in the health care sector, the transport and logistics sector as well as information systems. We tend to take a strong theoretical approach but recognise the importance of pragmatism. Where appropriate we use Monte-Carlo simulation models and when appropriate  proprietary packages such as Planimate or Arena. We also use dynamic systems tools such as Ithink. Forecasting is an art rather than a science. For short term forecasting we use exponential smoothing models and Brown’s  Fourier models for periodic data. When longer term forecasts are required  (over two or three years) we use econometric techniques.

From time to time we run seminars or short courses on State-of-the-Art methods in our discipline areas of transport and logistics. We use local experts, Australian industry practitioners and international authorities from universities such as Purdue in the USA to provide our clients and educational participants with leading edge information and skills to solve business problems and develop best practice capabilities. We can be relied upon for independent advice.

Our services


Master Research has consulted for a variety of organisations including the Victorian Treasury, the Port of Melbourne, The Southern California Rapid Transit District, Kmart, Goulburn Valley Health, Pharmacy Support Service, Pharmacy Board of Australia. Master Research specialises in logistics, supply chain, healthcare and economic evaluation. We have expertise in operations research, questionnaire design, surveys and statistical analysis.




MRA has a variety of research expertise across the following domains:

Mathematical and statistical analysis,

Transport Evaluation, wider benefits analysis,

Supply Chain optimisation,

Warehouse location



MRA conducts workshops across the following subjects:

Statistics for Logistics,

Transport Planning and Modelling

Transport Demand Forecasting

Inventory Management,

Supply Chain Management,

Intermodal Terminals

Research Design and Methodology



What we believe in

Balanced Approach

We live on a finite planet with a population that is growing exponentially. This is unsustainable. MRA believes that we need to create businesses that are sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. To that end we are committed to providing our clients with the best information on sustainable business practices.

Our Team

Dr David Wilson


Dr. David Wilson is a geographer and transport and logistics researcher. He has been a Director of the Ministry of Transport in Victoria, Australia, an Executive Logistics Manager at Willow Ware Australia, a transport planner at the Chicago Area Transport Study and the Southern California Rapid Transit District. He has also acted as a consultant on major transport projects for Bunge, as well as Kmart, Humes Pipes, the Port of Melbourne, Australia Post and Australian Air Express.

Dr. Wilson has been an invited guest lecturer for many organisations and presented at seminars in Australia and the United States of America. He has delivered lectures for companies all over Australia and in Indonesia and Singapore.

David has held lecturing appointments at the Universities of Melbourne, New South Wales and Monash in civil engineering, geography, marketing and information systems. In March 2005 he was a guest lecturer at Purdue University.

He specialises in supply chain modelling, production operations management and modelling and simulation. Dr. Wilson has advised Ratio (one of Australia's leading urban and transport planning consultancies) on the development of mathematical and statistical models for urban planning

Dr Sally Wilson

Sally specialises in customer service and quality systems in the health care industry. Sally's doctorate involved a large scale study of customer service in hospital pharmacies which can be used as a bench mark for service quality studies.

Sally also specialises in the analysis of the use of medicines and the dynamics of the relationship between the patient and health care professionals. She has an interest in healthcare service research. She has extensive experience in statistical analysis using SPSS. Sally is also a qualified pharmacist with experience as a clinical pharmacist in hospital and retail practice.

Sally has worked on funded research projects at the Dandenong District Division of General Practice, consulted to Dandenong Casey General Practice Association. Sally has experience as a quality Use of Medicine Facilitator and project manager of a NHMRC research study. She has worked as a research fellow at both Monash University and Melbourne University.

Jesse Wilson

COO - B.Eng (Hons)

Jesse Wilson is an experienced Engineer and Project Manager with over a decade of experience leading cross-functional teams and managing complex multifaceted projects in IT, supply chain and logistics, FMCG and education.

Recognised for delivering projects with high levels of client satisfaction, Jesse has a proven ability to drive process improvements, optimise resourcing, and foster strong levels of collaboration among diverse teams to exceed business objectives and client outcomes.

Jesse has managed and delivered multi million dollar project portfolios, receiving consistently positive customer and stakeholder feedback, built on a laser sharp customer focus, exceptional communication, relationship development, stakeholder engagement, change management and leadership skills. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and drive for challenging the status quo to deliver superior customer experiences.

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) from The University of Melbourne. 

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Global Hemp Summit

Global Hemp Summit 2023

The Global Hemp Summit for 2023 convened industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to explore the multifaceted potential of using industrial hemp on a global scale. The summit served as a collaborative platform for discussing the latest advancements in hemp cultivation, processing, and utilization across various sectors.

Attendees delved into regulatory frameworks, market trends, and innovative technologies shaping the industrial hemp industry’s future. Key topics included industrial hemp supply chain, carbon sequestration, healing carbon wounds, regenerative agriculture, sustainable construction, industry opportunities and international research, sustainable farming practices, the evolving legal landscape and the economic impact of industrial hemp. The summit provided valuable insights into harnessing hemp’s versatility for economic growth, environmental sustainability, and addressing global challenges and opportunities.

Further details can be found at the official summit website – https://www.globalhempsummit.co/

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